Monday, July 30, 2012

Lackey Managers That YES YES YES YES Even to Stupid Orders

Nparks's $2200 foldable bikes corruption incident is a resounding victory for the 2 netizens who shared their investigative results & other socio-political websites & forums who brought the issue to the masses.

Asst Director of park connector network dept has been suspended. However it seems people forgot to ask the question of how come the managers didn't raise alarm bells about the issue? If the loopsided tender process is brought to the attention of the asst director then is the manager/s silenced?

Or are the 5 managers simply are lackeys who just Yes Yes Yes Yes even to stupid orders?

Jean Paul Getty in his book 'How to be Rich':

Executive: "I don't question my orders & always carry them out to the letter, regardless of the consequences."

I can readily understand why this so-called executive hadn't been promoted. What i can't understand is why he hadn't been given the sack long before. Certainly he wouldn't remain on my payroll for 5 mins. He personifies the 2 worst qualities anyone holding down a responsible managerial job in a modern business firm could possibly possess. His attitude toward his superiors-at least to their faces- is clearly that of of a complete bootlicker utterly devoid of imagination or common sense.

It proves he is an extremely stupid person who has no concept of the responsibilities every executive owes to his superiors & the company for which he/she works.

If those 5 managers think they are playing it safe by following orders obediently even stupid senseless ones then a wise boss better axe these kind of managers in next round of layoffs. Why bother wasting paying $2800+/mth salary for these type of automaton lackeys?

If a manager raised the issue to highups it may have prevented the scandal from occuring & the minister from utter embarrassment. In doing so, he/she has enhanced his/her job security instead.

The incident has revealed a bunch of automaton Yes-men that the govt, govt-related companies & large corpserations like to hire.

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