Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What Expensive Brompton Folding Bicycles Can Teach SG's Pro Alien Party

A minister of the Pro Alien Party exhorts sinkies to be Cheaper, Better, Faster. I don't own a Brompton folding bike due to its high price. However there are lessons that the Brompton Bicycle Manufacturer can teach those overpaid & poor performing 'scholar' ministers.

Can you out-Amazon Amazon or out-Walmart Walmart? If can't win the race to bottom why blindly follow? Do Switzerland race to the bottom by producing cheap cheap products?

There are cheaper folding bike competitors primarily from taiwanese companies. But do Brompton just follow blindly & do what the taiwan companies do with mechanized mass production process to bring costs down & mass-produce as many as possible to sell?

Brompton focus on segment of market that appreciates its product:
  • hand made bicycles
  • Made in London, UK
  • Steel frame bicycles (stiff, but heavy but people still buy...)
  • make only folding bikes. Not greedy venture into making other types of bikes

CBF (cheaper, better, faster) doesn't work for Brompton folding bicycles. Brompton bikes aka brommies are expensive.
  • Brommies are NOT cheaper but much more expensive
  • Brommies are NOT necessarily better
  • Brommies are NOT faster made (hand-made vs mechanized production)

With ludicrous housing payments making much of the population mortgage slaves together with high cost of living, it is absurb for that minister to exhort sinkies to be CBF. As an overpaid minister he needs to exercise leadership with his CBF formula himself before telling others to do so likewise.

Brompton is not the only case-study. There are others like Mercedes, Swiss chocolates, watches, Denmark's Lego toys etc ...

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