Monday, July 9, 2012

70.5Km Back of Knee Joint Discomfort Ride

Used to have numb hands on longer distance rides. After shifting my saddle back 1cm it seems i exchange a discomfort for another.

Back knee joint discomfort creeps in during return leg of journey. Will have a few more longer rides & see how it goes for readjustment. While there is a procedure to adjust the saddle fore/aft position i didn't do so as i use normal pedals as the bike also serves as a commuting bike.

Reservist lad like me have difficulty keeping pace with 2 teenagers doing the NTU campus loop & closing gap with main group who didn't do the loop & headed straight up towards end of straight road lim chu kang road. Moderate cycling & recreational badminton are my exercise. At least there's some fun in it. Jogging to train up to pass reservist fitness test is a chore to me.

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