Thursday, December 6, 2012

Foreign Workers Protest -2nd in 2 weeks

2 foreign workers from China perched themselves on cranes to protest over owed wages. 2nd incident after the bus drivers strike last week.

This is superb news. More dirty linen against the current hybrid regime out in the open. Books i've read often praise the economic prowess of S'pore & i wonder if those authors have live or been to S'pore before. I seriously doubt those writers know that the gdp prowess after year 2000 is done on the backs of massive influx of cheap foreign labor which has a deterimental effect on the native populace.

Ministry of Manpower(MOM) has ran the workers rights commercial on tv in oct, nov before the strikes. Although i don't watch tv, i can still hear commercials in my room when my parents watch news. The workers rights commercial intrigued me because i know if such educational commercial exist on tv, it can only mean the workers abuse/exploitation be it locals or foreigners is very bad already.

Darn pathetic situation. This is the english version on tv:

  • Didn't get CPF(a form of forced retirement savings)
  • Pay cut even with valid medical certificate
  • Don't know if allowed to take leave

3rd world wages in 1st world economy. Exploited until like that. Is utter shameless that the current govt leaders pay themselves obscene salaries for the slew of hardship they inflicted on much of the populace. The boss in the educational ad irks me tremendously. I can't stand working under these type of idiotic bosses.

Sinkies being generally a docile & meek bunch- nothing happen(keep quiet & suffer). Ain't the same for foreign workers when the diplomatic avenues don't work- they protest.

I support their protest actions.

1st strike - bus drivers request for equal salary as Msian drivers fell on deaf ears
2nd protest - construction workers owed wages & complain to MOM-nothing

As J Paul Getty wrote in his 1st opening paragraph on Chapter: Labor in his book 'How to Be Rich':

Living with, working with labor-not fighting it or ignoring it-should be an assumed obligation of the business executive. Success & profits can be gained more easily & happily with labor's honest cooperation than without it. This should all be obvious but deplorably few businessmen see labor relations as anything but an obstacle.

- S'pore's 1st Workers Strike in 20+ Years

"Worldclass champion" workforce:
- 98% of S'pore Workers Are 'Bochup' aka Disengaged in 2010
- 'Zombie' Workers - Plenty of Them In S'pore
- S'pore 2nd Lowest Globally for Job Satisfaction

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