Monday, December 10, 2012

15 Years Later & 27% of Top Performers in DOW Are Gone

The Ministry of Education likes to trumpet the high scorers of the Primary Sch Leaving Exam & 'O','A' levels. It is a welcome move that it no longer publishes the high scorers of PSLE. I consider the obsession with grades nauseating.

Those parents who still support the naming of top scorers to serve as role models are brainwashed by the rote-learning system. Instead of being inspired by role-models, kids & parents are more stressed. There is no need to damage kids's self-esteem at young age so as to serve as compliant, cheap cogs in the economic machine.

What the govt-controlled media dare not publish is what happen to the top scorers many years down the road. Of course with the screwups by the 'top scholars' in govt, it is apparently clear that grades are not a good indicator of performance later in life. Even if those top scorers are doing well, they may not be happy in their professions.

Personally for my secondary school classmates, there are good scorers now 'not-in-good shape' & poor scorers doing ok.

Even for companies, being dropped is common. Let's just take 15 years of the DOW & we can see that 27% of the companies are dropped/replaced (pink circles).

Some of those big companies such as well-known Kodak & General Motors are no longer in the DOW index.

Now for some simple maths:

Current ruling govt in power for 47 years since independence.
  • 15 years & 27% of top performers in DOW are gone.
  • 47 years & 85% of top performing ministers are gone (actually is higher)

- Mad Chase for 'Toilet Paper' Certs
- Rich Son Poor Son

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