Friday, December 21, 2012

Mum Was Hospitalised Due to Pancreatitis

Mum was hospitalised on Mon night for pancreatitis - gallstones obstruction in pancreas. I sent my mum to hospital by taxi. Had a grueling 3.5hours wait(brought a book to read) at A&E area before a nurse brought me in to see my mum. I had dinner(more like supper) around midnight upon reaching home. Can't finish the food due to lack of appetite- leftovers became breakfast.

I only know my mum's condition is pancreatitis from the Dr's update on Tues afternoon (blood tests, xray, CT scan). Before that my mum thought she had gastric pain- she visited 2 general practitioners & at polyclinic (advised a blood test but she didn't take).

"Nothing by mouth" is indicated above her bed as anything injested by mouth would worsen her condition. Operation to remove the gallstones was performed on Wed morning. Gallstones were sucked out via a tube inserted through the mouth. Performed by a senior Dr though i chose 'C' class ward for my mum. Is a myth that 'C' class patients are treated by 'lesser Drs'.

My mum was discharged on thurs morning after a day of observation.

There are 2 issues i want to point out: Taxi driver & shortage of hospital beds.

Taxi Driver
Fuck the Pro Alien Party! Before the ride to hospital, i have not taken a taxi for like 3-4 years. The taxi driver doesn't know the way to the nearest hospital- NUH. I became his navigator telling him turn left, turn right etc. Apparently the driver who is less than 45 years old is another victim of PAP's open floodgate policy-being replaced by cheaper, younger foreign worker.

To think the state propaganda machine publish the $7000/mth taxi driver in Oct. When such bombastic shit is being spewed out by the hybrid regime, it can only mean 1 thing - many sinkies are replaced/displaced by cheaper foreigners.

Taxi driver desperate to make a living. Don't know the way, ask passenger(me) to guide him. I don't blame him.

Shortage of Hospital Beds
There is no water nor electricity shortage in S'pore (which power Pro Alien Party's profit making machines) despite importing & importing so many people to squeeze into this tiny island.

However there is hospital beds, public housing shortage. My mum told me she's admitted to the ward at around 5am. So the waiting time for free bed is 5-6 hours. I want to stress again this is deliberately done by the Pro Alien Party to screw the populace. How the daft 60% would vote for a ruling party in 2011 that keep screwing them is beyond me.

At the A&E waiting area, there is a big signage with newspaper articles about the bed crunch to remind those waiting outside. Once led inside by the nurse after the long wait, i saw my mum(stabilised) on a trolley bed along with 14 others lying in this 'holding area' waiting for a bed. I don't know if that's the only holding area in A&E. If there is another 1, it means there might be like 30 patients lying there waiting for a bed......

With these 2 issues that hit me, it strengthens my resolve to vote even for a monkey in 2016 as long as is not from the Pro Alien Party. At least the monkey don't make the situation worse & worse unlike the 'scholars dressed in white' with mediocre performance leeching million $ salaries from taxpayers.

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