Monday, March 23, 2015

A New Chapter Begins with the Death of Singapore's Strongman

The govt controlled mass media is doing a carpet bombing of propaganda with the passing away of the old man who died at age 91 at 3:18am today. One of its news media has audio automatically playing upon loading the website - hard to escape.

The hybrid regime has given ample time for its traditional news machinery to prepare articles as his condition deteriorates. There are still those old conservatives who are still deluded to the old man's past achievements despite the rot taking place over the last couple of years in the country.

No doubt he achieve spectacularly with the 1st generation ministers following the advice of dutch economist Albert Winsemius. They are a bunch of folks who care more about the welfare of the populace compared to the current bunch consumed with their obscene paychecks.

My mum said that the old man started off being good but turned bad & badder as power has corrupted him. Among his policies that my mum hate are the 'Stop at 2 kids' & graduate mothers give birth more. The stop at 2 kids disastrous policy is being felt today with massive importation of immigrants into this tiny island to shore up the demographics.

On 19 August 1977, a newspaper article on the old man:

  • 'we must lower our birth rate in order to absorb foreign workers on a permanent basis'
  • 'annual intake of many thousands...... expected to marry a singaporean & add to population'

Article screenshot from national library archives.

Some people call him a Sith Lord. To a young kid who has never watched Star Wars & he start watching from Episode I then II. He would think the chancellor(prime minister) is a good guy. In episode III, it was revealed that he is actually a bad guy -sith lord concentrating power in the Republic to himself.

Whatever respect i have for the old man's earlier achievements have been cancelled out by the policy mishaps of the current greedy bunch of his regime.

Neutral it is not(yoda style), for i hold negative view of the incumbent hybrid regime he controls. A reason why......

Tentages holding area & patients lying on trolley beds. This is something in 1st world SG that the ministers are paid world's highest salaries because they are the best?

The greed of his political party has led to suffering among the peasants. I am not spared either especially when it comes to insufficient hospital beds. Patients have to wait 8-12 hours for a bed in the ward to be available as I have experienced.

My mum & dad suffered when they were hospitalized in 2013 & 2014. If the old man has to wait for a bed like the peasants he would already have died!

As for now, the hospital bed shortage is still ongoing. It is a deliberate attempt by his party to screw the peasants. I've written earlier using the water issue to make my point in Dredging of Sungei Ulu Pandan & Dry Spell blogpost.

Think about those patients suffering due to insufficient hospital beds...
those who lost their jobs to foreigners with fake qualifications...
those squeezing in crowded public transport with increasing breakdowns...

Yesterday(Sun) late afternoon had a strange weather phenomena. Prolong continuous thunder amid dark skies. Is as though Heaven is angry. And guess what? Several hours later, it is over for the old man.

It is the 1st time this year such prolong thunder occurred. Normally heavy downpours are not accompanied with such prolonged continuous thunder.

While the old man is around, nobody in his party dares to defy him. He is the glue that holds the party together & the person controlling affairs from behind the curtain. Now the glue is gone.

With the performance of the current bunch of ministers lagging far behind the 1st generation ministers, they are now ripe for defeat in the coming election.

Hence a new chapter begins... There's much work to be done to repair the damage done by the incumbent party. The current issue in the spotlight is the collapsing retail sector due to the regime's bloodsucking rents.


  1. PAP will use his LKY's death as a propaganda tool and likely win the elections. we all peasants are doomed.

  2. If only the Sinkie opposition can become more united, stronger and ready to be govt after the passing of LKY.

    If not, nothing much will change politically, whether LKY around or not, propaganda tool or not, or what not. And the next GE will also be no exception, and PAP will still win big just like the last one.