Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Which Business I Consider Profited the Most from Lee Kuan Yew's Funeral

Florists are doing a roaring business with the demise of the old man with peasants buying flowers as tribute. However i don't think the florists profited the most because of the competition among florists.

The business that profited the most is one that i suspect many didn't take notice of. Before i reveal what i consider is the most profitable, let's first take a look at the BreadTalk bakery spam chain.

Make Sure their Bread Cannot Talk! Boycott!
The BreadTalk bakery spam chain got into hot soup from selling an overpriced bread (eat & shit out) commemorative of the old man. Many netizens consider BreadTalk to be a crony business because the boss support the hybrid regime's high salaries (see search results below). The boss like to hire pinoys as cheap workers instead of locals.

Sell overpriced bread + cheap workers = Laugh all the way to the bank

Personally i have never bought nor eaten any bread from that overpriced & pro-pinoy bakery spam chain. The spam chain open its outlets in shopping malls marketing itself as an upscale bakery business. When their bread business open in shopping malls, it disqualify itself from my wallet because i loathe paying for the killer rental component of an item.

Later on due to the hybrid regime's massive population influx, the boss hired many cheaper pinoys in his outlets which had led me & many others to detest the BreadTalk bakery spam chain even more.

Unfortunately, many gongkias(fools) still support the overpriced & pro pinoy spam chain else it would not have spam so many outlets islandwide. The likely reason i would use to explain is they love to show others they can afford to eat overpriced bread just like Starbucks coffee. To malaysians working here, they would certainly consider those sinkies buying overpriced bread as stupid which i will write about in another blogpost.

For others, they boycott. They vote with their wallets. Boycott the business & its associated business & the group will close shop.

Closed shop = those foreign workers can go back home countries.
Lesser foreign workers = Less crowded trains/space for populace.

Those who loathe BreadTalk spam chain would patronize those neighborhood bakery chains that hire locals & sell at a lower price, This is the right way to vote. In fact we vote practically everyday. No need to wait until the general election.

Barricade Fences Business Is Best During Lee Kuan Yew's Funeral
I first took notice of the company S-Lite during the Chingay at Heartlands. The last performance is supposed to be in the north but the old man passed away so the performance was canceled. However the profit is certainly not canceled due to the contract with the government.

Is highly likely that this barricade fence company, S-Lite is the contractor to go to for events like marathon, F1 since they are relied on for a big event like Chingay. As i cannot run a marathon nor attended F1, i never heard/notice this company until the Chingay at Clementi 2 weeks ago.

Why Being In a Boring Business/Industry Helps a Lot
Florists got many competitors but it seems to me this barricade fence company got very few. Such is the great thing about being in a business/work that is boring/unglamorous as very few people notice it. Keep a low profile & continue to rake in the profits - this is something Warren Buffett certainly likes about 'hidden gems'.

I reckon profits come from the distance or number of fences deployed so the more the merrier. It is labor intensive loading & unloading the barricade fences from the lorries. But hey it is a grand funeral for the founding prime minister so being pressed for time, the army boys activated to load, setup the barricades.

S-Lite boss delighted because:

  • Charge higher price to govt(us taxpayers) due to very urgent & few competitors.
  • Plenty of free labor from army boys to do the barricade fences.
  • Sterling reputation being able to provide so many fences for massive operation.

Instead of that crony bakery spam chain boss that earn more detest from the hybrid regime's supporters, this barricade fence boss is in a much better position as very few notice his business.


  1. "Charge higher price to govt(us taxpayers) due to very urgent & few competitors."

    Urgent and few competitors I can agree but charge higher price to govt?

    U sure about that?

    1. Just on the urgent aspect is a favorable factor for charging a higher price considering how those civil serpents will do anything so as not to screw up their ricebowls & future promotion.