Monday, March 30, 2015

Unprecedented Carpet Bombing of Propaganda in Singapore with Lee Kuan Yew's Death

Yesterday's funeral procession marked the end of a week of massive bombardment of the old man's greatness. Even though i don't watch tv, it is hard to avoid the propaganda when the tv at neighborhood coffeeshops are playing video clips of the old man.

On train stations, there's pictures of the old man on monitor screens. On buses, the bus numbers are partially obscured with a phrase dedicated to the old man. At libraries, a special table was setup with books by you guess it - the old man.

Even at POPStation which is a parcel self-collection kiosk which i passed by, the screen shows the old man.

Grassroot volunteers distributed papers of the funeral procession route & slipped it under the doors. My mum picked it up after waking up in the morning & naturally chucked it into the malaysian newspapers pile - she doesn't read propaganda & msian papers are cheaper. The funeral procession route is already pasted on the noticeboard near the elevators. Being kiasu(scared lose), the grassroots went further by slipping the leaflet under the doors hoping to gather more peasants to line the funeral route.

In order to gather more peasants to see the old man while lying in state at parliament house, civil serpents are given time off work to go pay their respects. You can bet there's peer pressure involved being in the civil service.

I didn't inform my mum about the old man's passing away when i read about it online. She naturally found out as she went out. There is no sadness after having been through insufficient hospital beds at A&E(1 reason among others). Insufficient hospital beds amid a massive population influx situation which we are suffering now can be traced to the old man as he still rules behind the curtain. Unfortunately this fact has been forgotten as the regime hype his greatness to unprecedented levels.

How unprecedented is the carpet bombing online?

Just a small sample. The list could stretch on...
All govt ministries/stat boards - U guess it.
Many govt-linked companies - U guess it.

Among the govt-linked companies websites which i've checked not succumbing to the hype:

  • S'pore Airlines, Tigerair Dun have
  • Neptune Orient Lines Dun have
  • Singtel Dun have

I consider the elevation of the old man's greatness to be overly done be it offline & online. He's considered to be a level 4 good leader according to Jim Collins' criteria in 'Good to Great'. Not yet a level 5 great as i've written in my earlier blogpost.

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