Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Thoughts on Chingay Heartlands 2015 at Clementi

Chingay at Heartlands passed by clementi last night(sat). It was the 1st time the peasant residential areas got such procession & my 1st time viewing it live. Started on the 1st sat of this month & this coming sat will be the last with the procession taking place in the north.

Initially i thought the heartland procession had taken place before but the man beside me whom i struck up a conversation told me it is the 1st time. Indeed his claim is right as i google 'chingay heartlands'. I must have mistaken the heartland procession with the national day heartland procession which i can't be bothered with.

My digicam is crap when it comes to taking night pictures.
Vanguard of the floats. 'We Luv SG' - a prelude to hybrid regime's propaganda

Indeed the chingay procession which i initially thought to be a neutral event has become a propaganda tool for the hybrid regime as i heard the names of the regime's member of parliaments(MPs) for west coast district mentioned 2-3 times by the emcees.

I couldn't see the MPs as i was some distance away a few floors up at a nearby peasant block to get a better view. My eyes are focused on the floats & not on the damn bus which they are on.

Indeed, the MPs were on board the sightseeing bus behind the vanguard float. Look at the pictures below taken by the MP for my area whom i didn't vote for in the last election. The MP for my area can't be bothered with doing house visits which is a very tedious process. It is far simpler & easier to spend taxpayers $$$ to expand Chingay to the peasant heartlands as part of celebrating 50 years of independence & at the same time using the neutral event as a hybrid regime event.
If it weren't 50 years of independence + election coming, i doubt the hybrid regime would bother bringing Chingay to the peasant heartlands for the 1st time.

Spectators Less Than I Expected
You can see the spectators lining the roads from the MP's pictures above. However i consider the peasants turnout to be disappointing. Perhaps it has to do with the rain earlier but it has stopped & there's 30-45mins before the floats finally arrived.

Emcees did their best in keeping the atmosphere alive & attracting people living a bit further away. There are free finger food & 'light wands' distributed to spectators at the tentages. The 'batman beam lights' shining into the night sky & nearby blocks serve to announce that's activity going on. Before the floats arrive, there are performances from the community center.

If the fence barricading the people from the roads is any indication, there is certainly plenty of empty space where peasants could have lined up to see the procession in this overpopulated tiny island.

Last 2 Floats are China Related
Last float is Tianjin Eco-city float & the 2nd last is its breathen Suzhou Industrial Park. Both are joint ventures the hybrid regime did with China. The Suzhou Industrial Park is a humiliating experience for the hybrid regime as they got outplayed by the local chinese authorities.

What has these 2 china related floats got to do with SG50? My guess is their usage is use to garner votes from newly minted citizens from China.
Digicam crappy at night shots. You can barely see the spectators.

As the floats procession draw to a close, the ending part turned out to be an attempt by the hybrid regime to endear itself to new citizens.

Logistics & safety wise, it is very well executed. There's a tow truck at the rear with the usual police on motorbikes escorting the convoy. I would grade it 10/10.


  1. I can confirm that Chingay is a mini-NDP, or CNY-NDP in the way it is being pandered by the organizers PA to porlumpar their overlords PAP. The organizers don't give a shit to the poor volunteers who toil and sweat for free for a stupid event to make the overlords happy. The CEO of PA didn't bother to make small talks to the hardworking free-labor performers and basically treat them like digits to make it a spectacle. Unfortunately, the quality of some of the programs are so poor, it's embarrassing. One of the cheers the emcees tried to get the audience to do in 2012 was "Chingay, chingay, we are One! People, people, we are One!" - totally meaningless for the supposed purpose of Chingay (you can Google about the Real Chingay in JB).

    1. I watched a JB Chingay 2013 on youtube as u recommended. Ours is orderly style with barricades while jb's chingay allow spectators close to the floats & performers. Different atmosphere.