Monday, January 30, 2012

1st Salvo of $750M War Fund To Combat Climate Crisis

Water Utilities Boaard is committing a war fund of $750M over 5 years to improve drainage in bid to slow down flooding(heavy rains) from collapsing & damaging property value. Such a humongous fund considering that the govt rejected the proposal to give the future stakeholders of S'pore (polytechnic & Uni students) student fares from the current adult fares. Reason? $28M in losses to govt owned transport companies. Is only when the blow strikes at the heart of the holdings of the economic elites that they will spend a whopping $750M.

News of this $750M war fund come 3 days after the traditional media announced that the govt is mandating all future land reclamations be 2.25m above the highest recorded high tide.

While the war fund of $750M will attempt to fix the flooding from higher intensity rains resulting from climate change we can expect bigger funding cause the Climate Crisis still got other cards like seawater rise(from melted polar ice) card to play.

What i'm encouraging on my blog- simpler life, less shopping & buying unnesscessary stuff is not something the masses like to hear. Until the masses wake up from a shock event, humanity will continue speeding toward the trigger point of climate change. Once past the trigger point by our wanton consumption & waste, Mother Nature will rid itself of mankind to heal herself.

We have 1 Earth. Earth can do without Men but Men cannot do without Earth.

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