Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pressure Building Up for Property Market Collapse

Another sign S'pore's property market gonna collapse due to killer rents. News report that more & more people rent/buy bridal gowns online at 33-50% of traditional brick & mortar shop market price. Bridal shop biz dying is already apparent. In clementi a bridal shop with 3 shop lengths now left with 1 length. Just across the border at JB, Msia City Sq mall top floor's bridal shops cater mainly for sinkies. Doubt msians are their main customers since got other other bridal shops around pelangi area where rental are cheaper.

Other signs of crack are:
- Creepy feeling when Starbucks at clementi mall can't stand high rental when it rent open booth space instead of shopspace.

- Few months back Popular Bookstore at IMM is feeling the intense heat of killer rents. Shrank by closing rear entrance. Rear entrance space reconfigured into another shop.

More people are waking up to the fact that is frickin foolish to pay a large rental component in the goods & services they buy.

Meanwhile stay away from property related stocks & businesses deriving earnings mostly from property. Investors in REITS ought to wake up & sell before collapse cause the party won't go on forever.

More S'porean brides going online for wedding gowns
By Chng Kheng Leng

More brides-to-be in Singapore are going online for their wedding gowns, and online bridal businesses are growing with the demand.

The online service is a breeze for couples who do not want the conventional wedding package, nor a designer gown.

At half or even a third of the market price, renting or buying a gown online is proving to be a compelling option.

There are currently more than ten online bridal shops in Singapore. Some said they have been seeing sales grow steadily in the past 2 years, and are expecting it to grow even further as more couples tie the knot in the auspicious Year of the Dragon.

Ong Lee Kheng, the owner of Made For Princess, said: "Young people like to do online shopping, myself included. I guess that's the main reason why people do online shopping & now they're exploring the possibility of even buying a wedding dress online. I guess it's the Internet craze."

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