Sunday, January 8, 2012

48.6km Delivery Exercise to Friend in Sengkang

A ride to pass some items to a friend. Ride took me 1.5hrs during the night while taking the mrt train would take me 56mins. Inclusive of wait & travelling to the station it'll take me around 1hr 15mins so difference is around 15mins.

Trip distance indicated on public transport website is 48.8km by train. What coincidence as the figure is close to my ride distance.

This again shows that commuting by bicycle is reasonable. It does take a while longer but just treat it as a form of exercise in our already hectic lives. Not forgetting the squeeze on the train & around $4 in fare prices saved which can be used to treat oneself to a hawker meal afterwards. Benefit the small business owner than a faceless big corporation.

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