Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tortise Vs Rabbit Race (Amazing Version) - Play to Your Strengths

Though the video emphasize the 4th race what caught my attention is the 3rd race where the turtle chose the location of the race to suit his strengths- inclusive of a river.

Why the 3rd race interest me? I related it to the educational system in S'pore. Darn educational system here stress on academics, academics & academics to the detriment of others. I'm sick of the news of the top scorers in primary & secondary schools to brainwash people. How come they never follow up with what happened with those top scorers years down the road? Let's face it. People's talents are like animals (analogy):

-some good at swimming
-some good at flying
-some good at crawling
-some good at tunneling

To stress academic performance is like stressing on being a rabbit winning the race. How's it like to force a person who is musically talented (turtle) to compete in a race circuit that favors the academically inclined 'rabbits'?

To those who are marginalized by the system remember the moral of the 3rd race. Don't be disheartened. Play to your strengths. Best example i can think of is what i've written earlier- How the Soviets neutralized the Enemy Strengths in Battle of Stalingrad. Didn't the turtle play to his strengths & neutralised the rabbit's advantage?

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