Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why the Wealthy Doesn't Need CPF?

Badly battered CEO of SMRT(also known as cleopatra ceo) has resigned citing personal reasons but we know is due to the worst train disruption in S'pore history. Her left & right hand men (CFO & COO) both quitted early last year. It seem like smoke is belching from a 'hidden' fire before the fire got out of hand(train breakdowns).

At time of her cessation as CEO she still holds 1,084,100 ordinary shares of stock in the train company. With last dividend of 8.5cents/share she has a monthly passive income of $7679/mth. A rather comfortable amount for a near retirement person. What's more with fare increases be it buses, train or taxis the dividend will eventually go up as well to keep in pace with inflation.

Dividends are just the icing on the cake. No doubt the icing will get bigger with the fare increases. Cake itself are the shares she holds. Again with fare increases operating a near transport monopoly the cake itself will getter bigger in the future too(stock price increase).

Unlike the job which she just lost, the shares which she hold can be passed on to another person. What lesson does this tells us? Lesson is for ordinary folks like us to be frugal, accumulate $$ & buy assets. Our most important job is not our day job but our job of making $$ work hard for us.

Who needs cpf(forced retirement savings plan by govt) when real assets can feed a person? By the way cpf is woefully inadequate since the current govt has sucked much of the populace's retirement fund through manipulated housing prices which many are forced to pay with.

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