Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bicycles Beat Buses (17.8km/h avg spd) on Short Trips

Reality is in for those non-cyclists who give me a weird look when i ride around. Many have thoughts of how come so pathetic ride a bicycle as though i'm a poor peasant.

Despite introduction of bus-lanes, the traffic situation continues to worsen as the govt curbing measures such as COEs(bidding for permission to buy cars), Electronic Road Pricing are like opium for a $$ crazed govt. Easy $$ so just flood in more & more vehicles & people to keep the coffers piling.

Average bus speed now decreased to 17.8km/h. A relaxed ride of 20km/h (very easy to achieve) easily trouce buses. One does not need to walk to a bus-stop/terminal plus waiting. For short distances of less than 5km bicycles are a clear winner. From 5.01-10km bicycles & buses journey times can be close.

People complain about lack of time to exercise. Health Ministry even have to encourage people to climb stairs instead of taking the escalator or lifts. Why not ride & have a light workout over short-medium distances? Explore the sights around you too. Exercise your creativity in findling shortcuts to beat the road congestion. Why deplete your wallet to travel slower, get stuck in traffic & squeeze like sardines?

Look at the bridge(above) to the clementi's train station during rush hour. Infrastructure bursting at the seams due to the govt's opium addiction of flooding in more & more people to grow the gdp at all costs like cancer instead of raising productivity. Just increase the body count nevermind the congestion & degradation in quality of life.

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