Tuesday, April 10, 2012

JCube Got Worst Cinema Counter in S'pore - Another 'SG World Class Achievement'

Went inside Jcube (previously Jurong Entertainment Center) take a look after library. Cramped place. Cinema counter is worst in S'pore. I would say all cinemas in johor, Msia are better. People queue up to buy tickets & snacks along a narrow corridor. Atrocious.

Picture posted on stomp clearly depicts it. Look at the madness of the crowd as they flock to the mall just opened a couple of days ago. The whole place is like a feeding frenzy - locusts swarms of consumers consuming consuming consuming.

Got times bookstore & boardgame shop, i doubt they'll survive long. Ceiling is high but horizontal space to walk is limited as CapitaLand's need to suck as much rent out of shops & pushcarts. A place to be avoided on weekends.

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