Tuesday, April 24, 2012

61% of Shoppers Still Expect Free Plastic Bags

I voted in a yahoo poll of whether shoppers ought to pay for plastic bags. I was dismayed that the results are almost the same as S'pore's elections last year - 60% chose to continue to vote in a party that's degrading S'pore.

60% of people don't seem to grasp the seriousness of environmental degradation. There's wanton usage of plastic bags in S'pore & i find it sick that the incumbent pro alien party wanting to boost the population to 6.5M to boost gdp- more people buying & consuming stuff & hence more plastic bags. Its act of cutting down plastic bags usage is a joke compared to neighboring Malaysia as i've written earlier.

I don't see anything wrong with curbing the wanton usage of plastic bags. People need to think about the years ahead & the future generations.

Free plastic bags for bagging the purchased items. There's a price for Free...... (which the majority don't realise or care)

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