Saturday, April 7, 2012

S'pore Education is about Producing $-Minded Paycheck Slaves

Rewarding good character with hard cold cash. No Kidding! (13th March)

What piece of crap leadership. What kind of values are the younger generation being taught with throwing $$ to reward good behavior? This incumbent govt is boxed-in in solving issues. They typically use 1 approach --> $$. Either throw $$ at the problem or suck $$ to solve it. Scholar material my ass.

We have so many of these scholar paper generals in our armed forces. They think in a certain way after being mounded in a certain way. From the way those scholars tackle problems in govt, the enemy already know how those scholar paper generals think in times of conflict. And the cancer doesn't stop there. The rest of the population after having gone through the schooling process here have the 'lack of creativity' disease afflicting much of them. The students are mass-produced in school factories. When something is mass-produced with economies of scale, doesn't it make the product cheap cheap?

Products with little to no creativity spitted out of the S'pore school system. Products which companies can easily outsource or automate or offshore to cheaper location. That's the tragedy of obedient workers with no creativity.

After coming up with the $$ for good behavior scheme last month he now talk about:

"Education today is about developing enduring skills & character & less about transferring content knowledge. It is developing in our students an enduring core of competencies, values & character, so that they have the resilience to survive & succeed in a future which could be very different from the one that we are living in today." - Education Minister Heng Swee Keat (5th April)
I have wrote about in a few blogposts in the past that the present education system is obselete. He does deserve kudos in summing the real purpose of education. However the education system under govt control to mass produce paycheck slaves as cogs for the economic machinery is perhaps the slowest to reform.

Right now the system here is chronically emphasing on rote-learning. Memorise whatever crap & spit it out at tests & examinations. How much of the crap we memorise in school days do we still remember today? It is necessary when we can easily do a 'wiki' online?

Resilence to survive & succeed in future? Then how come $$ management skills are not being taught in schools? Let's face it. This incumbent gdp obsessed govt with its state capitalism approach needs hordes of paycheck slaves for its govt-linked companies to maximise its profits. As with schools are not enough, the housing agency is roped in to sell 30year housing mortgages to shackle them till literally death.

Education system has been designed from start to teach people just barely enough but not enough to move beyond survival & thrive.

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