Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Illusion of Security in Big Corpse-rations

Many sinkies have the illusion of job security if they work in a big corpseration. They may have grown up but mentally is still like a child desiring security by having a big parent to suck milk from.

Some sinkies think their self-esteem & self-worth is boosted by having a 'strong corporate father/mother'. They feel good hiding behind a big 'corpse' despite the job being soul-crushing.

I find it hard to understand people with spendthrift ways. Even if the big corporate parent is doing well, it doesn't mean their paychecks are still in the pipeline.

Many people have misplaced their loyalty especially to big corpse-rations thinking the 'big corpses' will eventually reward them. In this day & age, is wiser to be loyal to a bunch of good friends. In times of need, it is your good friends who are likely to lend a helping hand than the big corporate parent.

HSBC Still Cut Jobs Despite Good Profits
- more than 100 HSBC S'pore employees retrenched as part of global jobscut exercise. Those 'asked to leave' were from different departments including IT & marketing.

- job cuts come despite HSBC S'pore performing well last year. It posted a pre-tax profit of US$595 million (S$744 million) in 2011 - a gain of 14% from a year ago.

- A staff who declined to be named said that 1 week after retrenchment, the mood in his office was still “gloomy”.

- HSBC announced last year that it will axe 30,000 jobs globally & sell almost 50% of its US retail bank branches. Restructuring its business as part of its global “efficiency programme”.

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