Friday, April 27, 2012

Transformers Combiners

Cool. Someone has stitched together a compilation of combiners in Transformers universe. Growing up in a low income family, i've never had any transformers toy cause back then the toys are frickin expensive being made in the USA. Combiners are all the more expensive as need to buy a complete set of 5-6 robots in order to combine into a big robot.

When a real movie on Transformers finally made to the big screen i'm rather dismayed at the changes made to robots. If u have no idea how much Michael Bay twisted Megatron, Optimus Prime from flat nose to long nose, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Devastator etc. Transformers the Movie Cartoon is a good watch. Nevertheless i still enjoyed Bay's TF movies since Transformers are being brought back after so many donkey years.

Switch to 720 resolution & watch movie full screen. Optimus Prime's voice is unique indeed. Same voice actor (Peter Cullen) after 20+ years. Quality is very good:
Transformers Movie (1986)

Need for more entertainment & to relive childhood memories? Here are all the generation 1 episodes:
98 episodes of Transformers G1

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