Friday, April 13, 2012

S'pore's Addiction to Hordes of Generally Cheaper Foreign Labor to Boost Consumption

S'pore's incumbent ruling party is addicted to cheap foreign labor. Low tech, low productivity. Rising income inequality = Rising social tensions. When the poor can't afford the hefty medical & hospitalization fees, it doesn't benefit society as a whole since diseases & germs doesn't discriminate the rich from the poor. The well-off face increased risk of catching diseases from the rest of the population.

How great is the eugenics theory(graduate mum give birth more) espoused by a surviving founding father of the country when his grandson is an albino?

Many SMEs are crippled with killer rents (govt is largest landowner) & can hardly afford to mechanize their operations to move up the tech ladder. With businesses becoming uncompetitive the Pro Alien Party opened the floodgates to import hordes of foreign labor to solve the problem it created with their $$ sucking killer rents.

It also benefited them as these generally foreign cheaper workers will boost the govt-linked companies through:

- foreign worker levies
- increased profits for public transport companies
- increased consumption on necessities such as shit paper to wipe assholes, toothpaste to brush teeth etc
- increased consumption of prostitutes services benefiting hotel room businesses
- increased 'victims' for casinos
- + many many others through goods & services tax

Languishing on the lower tech stuff(low productivity) by relying on cheaper foreign labor will eventually result in the same fate as the japanese's equipment being outclassed by the americans. The consequence - mass slaughter (read my Marianas Turkey Shoot Coming to S'pore)

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  1. > a surviving founding father of the country when his grandson is an albino?

    I want to point out that the above point raised does not knock down the "eugenics theory" because albinism "results from inheritance of recessive gene alleles", so it is still tied to genes.

    In addition, I just want to say that there are many stronger arguments against one old man's implementation of the eugenics theory. No need to use this personal attack. We may not like the grandfather, but spare a thought for the albino grandson who has a grandpa who believes in eugenics and his own superior genes!

    E.g. I can think of a personal counter-example that would show the flaw of the "graduate mother scheme". Neither of my parents had beyond primary school education. In fact, my dad didn't even finish primary school. That didn't stop my parents from having 5 children*,
    all of whom were offered admission to the local universities,
    4 of whom finished their local degrees,
    3 of whom has masters,
    1 of whom has multiple masters.
    2 of whom were tested to be top 1% for IQ.
    Going by one old man's eugenics implementation, NONE of whom should have been born, since both my parents "boh tak-chek".

    *p.s. Yeah, my parents didn't "stop-at-2".