Saturday, August 18, 2012

Algae as Biofuel, Not Crops As We Ain't Enough to Eat

I wrote about the trend of rising fossil fuel prices. For all the talk about alternative sources such as biofuels, i only see algae biofuel viable. Biofuels from crops such corn, soy beans etc ain't gonna work. Not enough to feed 7B+ population on whatever arable land that's degrading on the planet- gap in food supply & demand is widening & widening.

- Grows super fast compared to crops
- Doesn't need arable farmland to grow
- Relatively harmless to environment if spilled compared to fossil fuel

Summarised in 2min 45secs:

We already have algae (most likely toilets/bathrooms) in our homes. I find it annoying in my cycling water bottles. I ride to the beach which i'll pour sand + seawater & then shake vigourously to get rid of it.

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