Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Msia's Olympic Winners Prize $$$ Circulates & Stays in Msia

Lee Chong Wei who won silver united 28M msians despite losing to Lin Dan(China) in Olympics badminton. He plan to build badminton stadium to develop his country's future talents. Prize $$ circulate & stay in Malaysia. Talk about return on investment in Malaysia's case. Mutual respect between native born malaysian citizen & his country.

Different from mercenaries:

Malaysia has also won an olympic bronze medal in diving. This girl bought her dad a new Proton Exora from winnings in past competitons. Again $$ circulate & stay in Msia. Msia nurture & support their native talents. In return the winners repay back their home country's support which in this case this bronze winner supported Msia's car industry & suppliers- jobs. This is multiplier effect.

Different from foreign mercenaries who repatriate much of their S$ back home countries stimulate their economies.

I reckon that some Malaysians are laughing at S'pore's Pro Alien Party. Throw so much $$ to buy medals(2 bronze) with foreign imports & what is the return on investment? United nation or divided nation?

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