Thursday, August 2, 2012

Deadwood in Govt Agencies Encouraged to Alert Suppliers to Opportunties in Tenders

Following Nparks $2200 foldable bicycles corruption scandal, the Ministry of Finance now said that govt agencies are encouraged to alert potential suppliers to opportunities that are published on the govt's procurement website.

Most workers in govt service are a bunch of deadwood. Publish their tenders on procurement website & expect others to know. Sure there's email notifications for suppliers who signed up in the website. However with spam filters how many email notifications get through?

Ernie Zelinksi sums up the work culture in govt, govt-related companies & large corpserations:

Most employees, including managers in the highly echelons of organizations, tend to resent stars. Middle-of-the-road behaviour & mediocre performance are preferred to displays of initiative. When a highly creative individual does step forward to advocate new & innovative ideas, he or she is viewed as a threat & is quite often ostracized by co-workers. Co-workers view him or her as a dangerous competitor who may soon by promoted ahead of them. Many managers will go out of their way to make it difficult for someone who doesn't fit the norm, despite the fact he or she adds immensely to the success & profitability of the organization, much more so than the people who fit the norm.

Many managers are looking for a yes-man or yes-women to work for them because they are threatened by the traits of the highly creative. Consequently, insecure managers tend to promote people who aren't highly creative.

Here is what Thomas Watson of IBM said:

I never hesitated to promote someone i didn't like. The comfortable assistant-the nice guy you like to go on fishing trips with-is a great pitfall. Instead i looked for those sharp, scratchy, harsh, almost unpleasant guys who see & tell you about things as they really are. If you get enough of them around you, & have patience enough to hear them out, there is no limit to where you can go.

Instead of hiring a bunch of yes-men/women lackeys, the Nparks $2200 bikes corruption saga might have been prevented if there are a few of such men hired as described by Thomas Watson.

New entrants to the workforce need to be aware of the dangers of staying too long in those large corpserations thereby immersing in the unhealthy corpse culture as described by Ernie Zelinski. Rare is the large corporation that still behaves small & thus lively.

What 'Team player' means in most cases

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