Monday, August 27, 2012

Higher Share of Sinkies Likely to Leave Current Job Within 2 Years

2012 Towers Watson Global Workforce Study on attitudes of Singaporean employers & workers has thrown up these findings:
  • 34% wanted to leave their current employers within next 2 years, higher than global average of 28%.
  • 54% of respondents from S'pore believed have to join another organisation in order to advance to a job at a higher level.
  • 30% of respondents feel senior management is doing a poor job in grooming future leaders.
  • Middle managers were in the worst shape, with lowest levels of engagement & willingness to stay.
  • 39% of respondents feel senior management shows interest in their well being.
  • 32% felt they were paid fairly compared to people in other companies who held similar jobs.
  • Proportion of S'pore employees who believed they are paid fairly compared to peers in other companies is lower than global average.
  • On retirement benefits, just 20% agree their retirement benefits are being met compared to global average of 46%
  • Only 39% felt that workplace health care & wellness programmes meet their needs.

Nothing surprising about the results as i've written about Gallup's Survey Showing Sinkie Workforce Among Worst Disengaged in World.

Workplace healthcare & wellness programmes? People are already spending bulk of waking hours at work. Why spend more around co-workers & at workplace? I'll rather spend the time alone or with friends outside of workplace.

Middle managers are like hamburgers-sandwiched between senior management & their subordinates. Many got their manager status through years of work or simply of their toilet paper 'degrees'. Manager doesn't mean they can manage people well. Unfortunately in status conscious S'pore, many sinkies desire to be manager in order to have 'face'. Those fallen into this trap are slaves to that 'mgr' title to supply them with self-esteem.

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