Monday, August 20, 2012

High Food Prices Will Force Many Elderly Sinkies Sell Homes to Buy Food

World must brace for higher food prices. Climate change has already brought about more natural calamities & intensity of storms.

Poor harvest from climate change = Higher Food Prices
End of cheap oil era = Higher Food Prices
7B+ population
Result: Higher & Higher & Higher Food Prices= Less income for other stuff.

In case you are wondering what does cheap oil got to do with food, look at the harvester picture- it runs on oil. Oil are also used to make fertilizers & pesticides. Oil is used to transport food especially to faraway places.

S'pore's current ruling party's myth of monetising their homes as retirement income will have devastating consequences for the 30% elderly sinkies by 2030. Much of population already strained under high cost of living with depressed wages. By 2030 many of those elderly would be forced to sell their homes just to put food in their mouths.

CPF (Central Provident Fund) as the retirement fund is now known are used to service mortgages. If it is used to pay mortgages then it defeats the purpose of being a retirement fund. By 2030, as prices collapse due to massive selling by the aged, it would be known as CPF (Cheat Peasants Fund).

Earth getting sicker & sicker.
In 2012 as per poor harvest reported
By 2030, what do you think?

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