Monday, August 13, 2012

Mother Nature's 'Cards' Will Force End to Growth At All Cost

UN chief on Sunday announced an initiative to protect oceans from pollution & over-fishing & to combat rising sea levels which threaten hundreds of millions of the world's people.

Ocean acidification (from absorbed carbon emissions) is eating into the very basis of our ocean life; & sea level rise threatens to re-draw the global map at the expense of hundreds of millions of the world's most vulnerable people.
Infinite economic growth is not possible on Earth's finite resources. Achieving the standards of living of the west along with their wasteful consumption habits is not attainable for the vast populations of India & China.

Earth is already very sick & world populations is at unsustainable levels.

In S'pore, much of the asset prices are held up by the false assumption of endless growth. It is a myth as Mother Nature has many cards to play - we already witness China getting hit by 3 typhoons in a week. USA is hit by severe drought that threaten to send crop prices soaring.

Those 'cards' that Mother Nature dish out to rid earth of humans will put an end to mentality of infinite growth on Earth's finite resources. When that happens many sinkies will see huge swathes of their retirement $$ wiped out. When food prices soar especially in 2030 when 30% of sinkies are elderly, many will be forced to sell homes to buy food. With so many sellers desperate to sell the direction of price is a no-brainer.

Card of sea level rise to tiny island S'pore will have devastating effects too.

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