Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2.5mths Duration is not Investing. Is Trading

Invest? Duration is 2.5mths & they call that investing? What a misnomer. Is more like trading to me.

I saw stockwhiz promotion by S'pore stock exchange on back of envelope from my stock brokerage firm. Such a short time frame forces people to look for short term gains.

My first foray into the stock market is trading. Lost a sum. Investing is what works for me. It may sound ludicrous but it is sitting tight & doing nothing after buying during a recession that makes me the most $$(of course must sell).

Sit tight & do nothing is very hard as we have been conditioned to 'do' something. It is a radical shift in mindset. One has to think of being paid to wait & being paid for the opportunity to show up. In the fast pace world of email, instant messaging, sms for quick results it is even harder to wait & wait & doing nothing for many people.

At times sitting with cash & doing nothing is the best action to take if the odds are not in favor or opportunity is not ripe yet.

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