Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5m Higher But 2100% More Costly - Ridiculous Land Cost in SG

I'm still left with Telescope, Space Station, Airport, Tower(unavailable), Dome(unavailable) not watched yet from the Big Bigger Biggest engineering documentary series i've written about in my previous blogpost.

Here are some of the episodes not available from chocobullet's channel i recommended:

I didn't know icebreakers are nuclear powered too. It makes sense since there's no way to refuel for a ship hacking through miles & miles of ice.

Oil Rig
Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster - drilling in deep waters is deperate. How to establish a platform in deepwaters?

Burj Dubai Skyscraper (part 1,2,3)
2x height of World Trade Center. How do people get out during an emergency?

Ferriss Wheel
S'pore Flyer currently is world's tallest. It will soon be overtaken by a bit bigger wheel in Las Vegas. It gets interesting when we compare it to the tallest wheel it replaced.

Star of Nanchang
  • 160m high completed in 2006
  • ~S$11.06M
S'pore Flyer
  • 165m high constructed 2005-2008
  • S$240M
I've not taken a ride on the Star of Nanchang. 21x more expensive in construction cost for S'pore flyer which is 5m higher. This is another illustration for the frickin land cost. The views from S'pore Flyer can't possibly be 10x better than Star of Nanchang's let alone 21x.

Again this boils down to what value we get in paying high bloodsucking rents to the landlord for the stuff we buy in S'pore. My wallet is shut tight for many things in S'pore.

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