Thursday, September 20, 2012

Aged (& expensive) 41-50 Pa Pa, Ma Ma, Uncles & Aunties Most Easily Bullied at Work

Although i'm an asian brought up in an asian family, I subscribe to the western thought where people tend to think about working less when they have achieved sufficient levels of wealth to be able to live better. Trading riches tomorrow for comfort today. Taking more vacation time to relax.

S'poreans have already reached a decent standard of living in the 90s. What's the point of the govt growing gdp at all costs like cancer? Look at the horrific costs so many pay...

Survey results of 2281 respondents from Singaporeans overworked, more stressed:

  • 66% of S'pore workers said workload increased compared with 6 months ago
  • 83.3% said their work stress also increased in the last 6 months
  • 15.5% indicated stress has stayed the same
  • 1.1% said stress level has dropped
Many consider investing risky. I would say it's far more risky being killed by stress from work dragged on for years. People need to ask themselves at times if they are working hard at the right things. Someone else might be working at changing 'the game' which renders the hard work done irrelevant/ineffectual (rules changing aircraft carriers rendering hardworking battleships sort of useless during WWII).

Dollars Earned Per Hour
- 60% reported they stay in office for at least 1 hour after work hours at least 3 days a week.

Higher earners have more workaholic tendencies:
  • 33% said they bring their work home to complete
  • 22% said they have worked from home while on sick leave
  • 20% said they have worked while on vacation.
Many of those higher paid wage slaves have to stop deluding themselves of their higher salary. For accurate measure, throw in their extra free hours at overtime rates to get total hours. Then divide total hours by salary.

Higher earners tend to have more 'toys' to maintain. Ever seen a general manager taking bus to work? Making & streamlining their work to make themselves replaceable is a nightmare for them considering the bigger mortgage & other bills for their toys.

  • 25% of S'pore workers said they feel bullied at work
  • 74% of those bullied indicated colleagues as biggest bully
  • 62% of those bullied indicated superior as biggest bully
  • 21% of those bullied indicated clients as biggest bully
  • Largest group of workers (34%) being bullied are aged 41-50
  • Administrative staff more vulnerable to bullying than PMETs
I thought the freshie young workers are most vulnerable to being bullied. Looks like the govt policy of opening the floodgates to younger cheaper foreign workers has made the aged(& expensive) 41-50 Pa Pa, Ma Ma, Uncles & Aunties most easily bullied.

Common Bullying Behaviors:
  • unfair & biased allocation of workload
  • verbal abuse & personal attacks
  • ostracising
  • wrongful accusation
  • abuse of seniority or power
  • gossip
Excessive workload--> More stress--> More bullying. The gdp obssessed govt likes to talk about productivity growth. How can workers be productive when so many are zombies & 'bochup'?

Those scholar elites running the govt ought to look at the Nordic countries which their economies are still competitive with their populace having leisure time to enjoy. Leave some of the resources to others so they can achieve a better quality life. Do the scandinavians work themselves to stress & death in pursuit of more, more & more stuff?

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