Thursday, September 13, 2012

Big Bigger Biggest - Best Engineering Documentary I've Seen So Far

2012 is another achievable year of not watching any tv programs. I enjoyed engineering documentary Big Bigger Biggest as it tells feats of engineering from its evolution.

Like in Surviving D-Day which i thoroughly enjoyed, the use of real-life experiments to illustrate concepts to viewers is remarkably well done. As of this writing, i've watched:

- Aircraft Carriers
Night landings on a moving ship with angled deck is darn difficult. That's why they are called naval aviators & not pilots.

- Railways
How the Paris subway lines & station are built beside the muddy Seine river is impressive.

- Submarines
How long does the oxygen last in the 1st submarine invented?

- Canals
How the Panama Canal is built & how it works.

- Bridges
The japanese have perhaps the most expertise to ensure safety in typhoon, tsunami & earthquake prone Japan. The chinese are a force to be reckoned with too - look at the chinese bridges on the list longest suspension bridge spans.

chocobullets' YouTube channel has most of the episodes. You'll have to query Big Bigger Biggest to search for the other episodes.

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