Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shrink, Shrink, Shrink - Result of Grow GDP at All Costs Like Cancer

I laughed when i read the minister's worklife balance message to those dumbass employers:
"If you have a market that's stagnating or is getting smaller, it's actually not good for business because your market is smaller, your business will shrink & your pool of labour also will shrink over time. So they have to see that in the context that it is important for us to also look at the future as an employer."-Minister in Prime Minister's Office Grace Fu
The pro alien party is responsible for opening the floodgates to a tidal wave of migrant workers in bid to grow gdp at all costs like cancer. Now with the warning of 'folding up' if sinkies do not reproduce, the pro alien party is rolling out the measure of enhanced parental/paternity leave in bid to reverse the pathetic fertility rate of 1.2

I consider it a lameass measure which would fail much like the measly few ¢ discount to encourage early bird train travel to alleviate rush hour congestion. When there are so many foreign workers with no family &/or few friends they can work long hours. Sinkies sacrificing their social/family life to work long hours to keep their asses from being replaced are literally killing themselves. I first encounter the nasty experience when my superior gave me a poor grade during polytechnic job attachment.

What kind of future is there working for those idiotic bosses who are pa pa, ma ma, uncles, aunties who can't even see the big picture (now need govt's message)?

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