Saturday, September 8, 2012

This is What is Called Fasten Your Seatbelts During Landing Approach

Watch the banking of the 747 as it makes a sharp turn to line up for final approach (1min 23s):

I have not been to HK before. This is what gives meaning to fasten your seatbelts during landing approach at HK's now decommissioned Kai Tak airport. As we can see the plane is too right just seconds before touchdown & pilot rudder left the plane to touchdown at centre of runway. Is suicide to bank the aircraft to turn left when the altitude is just couple of metres.

You might be wondering how come the plane don't land from opposite direction. I'm not a pilot but we can see there are hills further inland & the cameraman who filmed it is on a small hill. Danger from landing from sea is that in event of aborted landing, there's not enough airspeed left to overcome gravity & clear the hills for another retry.

Last landing looks like HK's old airport again. This time veer too left of runway & pilot rudder right the plane just seconds before catastrophe.

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