Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An Appeaser Is One Who Feeds a Crocodile, Hoping It Will Eat Him Last

Who is he with the non-appeasement mindset towards crocodiles?

Under SG's hybrid regime system, this man is doomed to mediocrity. Why? Because this man is:

  • Independent & rebellious by nature.
  • Poor academic record in school.

Today's blogpost title is the hard stance taken by British wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill towards Adolf Hitler.

Unfortunately few in his government heeded his warnings when he was politically 'in the wilderness' before the outbreak of WWII. The outbreak of WWII awakened the sleeping masses of Churchill's wisdom of warnings.

Crocodile Adolf Hitler:
  • Remilitarise Rhineland --> Little response from other European powers.
  • Germany annexed Austria --> Little response from other European powers.
  • Germany demanded Sudeternland of Czechoslovakia --> Britain & France agreed.
  • Germany then invaded rest of Czechoslovakia --> Little response from other European powers.
  • Ok then let's grab Poland ---> WWII officially starts with declarations of war.

Now, how does appeasement relate to us living in SG under the hybrid regime?

Crocodile hybrid regime on Voting System:
  • Introduce GRC (Group Representation Constituency) into voting system --> little response
  • Expand to 4 from 3 person GRC --> ha ha!
  • Expand to 5 persons GRC. ---> ha ha ha!
  • Expand to 6 perons GRC. --->haha haha!

Crocodile hybrid regime on Taxes:
  • Introduce 3% GST (goods & services taxes)
  • Expand to 5% GST (more charity events organised)
  • Expand to 7% GST (more, more & more charity events...)

It is not just voting system & taxes. There's a host of rot ranging from infrastructure, security, hospital beds, overcrowdedness etc which has gotten worse since the 2011 general elections.

Look at the similarities of appeasement by the sleeping masses:

  • Appease, appease & appease. ---> Hitler became bolder.
  • Vote, vote & vote hybrid regime. ---> Life worsens as hybrid regime gets bolder.

The 60% who voted for the hybrid regime in 2011 are like the appeasers hoping the crocodile will change for the better or eat them last.

Now that more of those 60% appeasers' jobs are 'eaten' by foreigners with the overly open floodgates, the rest who are still sleeping ought to ask themselves what will happen to them if they keep feeding the crocodile with their votes at the polls.

History repeats itself although the people involved are different.

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