Monday, April 28, 2014

Comparing Singapore Govt with Lu Bu - case of sell outs

The advice given by Liu Bei to Cao Cao on what to do with the captured mighty warrior cum warlord Lu Bu is something most of the hybrid regime supporters don't seem to understand.

Lu Bu's similarities with SG's hybrid regime:

  • Mighty warrior <---> Mighty GDP growth
  • Willing to sell out own lords for selfish gains <---> Willing to sell out citizen interests for selfish gains

Lu Bu in his bid to save his ass from the executioner's blade tried to entice Cao Cao to use his warrior talents. Cao Cao being a man who treasure talents sought Liu Bei's advice.

He knows being in a position of power, there are many porlumpars(asslickers) around him.

Liu Bei replied indirectly through the consequences of the 3 men who adopted Lu Bu.

For those unfamiliar with Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, Cao Cao ordered Lu Bu to be executed upon hearing Liu Bei's advice.

Back to SG, it is common to read comments that the 60% of voters who voted for the hybrid regime are labelled as daft. Keep getting screwed over & over & over by the 'Lu Bu' style hybrid regime & didn't learn their lesson.

For the wiser, why bother about impressive fighting skills/gdp growth when one would be screwed as a result?

On talents, there are good & bad talents. Unfortunately, the word 'talents' is severely abused in SG with regards to the overly-liberal immigration policy.

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