Sunday, April 27, 2014

If Justice be Taken Away, What are Govts but Great Bands of Robbers? - Augustine of Hippo

How to identify a blind supporter of the hybrid regime or one who is brainwashed? One of the ways they can be identified is when they say SG got no/very few robbery compared to neighboring Malaysia.

In a sense they are right as our govt-controlled papers likes to highlight crimes especially in Johor, Malaysia in order to deter sinkies from flocking over to pump cheaper petrol, cheaper food, cheaper entertainment etc. Hence many are scared of robbery in Johor.

When i go over to Johor on a daytrip, i dress simply. I know i pass off looking like a johorean when insurance sellers(i presume) at JB Sentral ask me if i work in SG & ask me to buy their savings plan.

Is Singapore safe from robbers? Hardly. In fact we have daylight robbery & the amount robbed is far worse than the risk of encountering a robber in Johor. At least in Johor, one can reduce risk such as dressing down & exercising common sense. In SG however, dressing down & exercising common sense won't prevent daylight robbery.

Daylight Robbery Examples in SG
Frequent Public Transport Fares Hikes
Declining service & frequent breakdowns, yet got the audacity to raise fares. Hybrid regime pump massive amounts of taxpayers $$$ to these private companies under their control to boost their profits.

Ridiculous World Cup Viewing Price
I'm not a football fan & don't watch it. The exorbitant price to watch has created anger. The price to watch is the most recent example of  'daylight robbery' by the hybrid regime via its govt-linked company.

Yahoo Sports article Singapore costliest place to watch World Cup? with its price comparison with other countries in region.

Depletion of Retirement Savings
This is the granddaddy of daylight robbery. Exorbitant housing prices artificially jacked up to deplete the retirement savings of the masses.

Augustine of Hippo live in medieval times (354-430BC). His philosophy about unjust rulers waging war on neighbors to seize territory & resources doesn't apply to modern SG. There is no real need for governments to steal from neighbours when the citizens are there for the 'milking' under broad daylight.

It is also a reason why financial aid to poor countries helmed by dictatorial regimes are largely futile as those dictators have their supply of citizens to 'rob'. The amount to 'rob' via legal means far exceed the financial aid from donor countries so why bother with political reform to undermine its ability to 'rob'?

The big robbers in SG dress very smartly in full white attire. There is no need to wait for darkness at night to go about their activity.

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