Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Primary School Field Now Become Condo Construction

Construction cranes like pawnshops/$$ lending shops are sprouting up like weeds across the island. There is a massive construction boom as the hybrid regime pushes the 7M population white paper down the citizens throats without consultation.

Cashing out?
Never in my entire life have i seen such massive construction going on all over this tiny island. The massive selling of land to build condos is as though the hybrid regime is cashing out by selling whatever it can lay its hands on.

All our power stations have already been sold off. The old man said in 2009 that he expects his party to win the next 2 elections. They got a victory in 2011. I don't want his party to win the next remaining one. Nevertheless, they know their time is running out.

No Auditing of National Reserves
Is approaching 50 years since the hybrid regime is in power since independence. You can bet there's plenty of skeletons especially the mystery of $$$ reserves. No independent auditing of accounts. How much is it now after the massive losses from investment during the great recession?

Hundreds of Millions Selling My Primary School Field
Back in 2012, a fence was erected along the perimeter of the vast field separating it from the school. My guess in my June 2012 blogpost is correct - sure sell land to build condominiums.

Is no joke when i previously blogged that the field is vast:
4:44 - 4:54 secs
Look at the huge field! I used to play there with my classmates. Back then we used to enjoy perhaps the largest field belonging to a school in whole of S'pore. Now the open field is taken away from the school... No prize for guessing right answer after the ruling party has mutated into $$$$ obsessed party.

Screencapture from video in blogpost Appreciate Golden Age of S'pore from Train in 1991:

Now there are 3 cranes at the construction site. Present picture is taken from the block facing the road. On the left, you can see the electrical substation on both old & present pictures.

A point of reference:
Old picture: Note the 2 circles on the building wall(right) on old picture.
Present picture: Beside midpoint of trunk of rightmost crane, note the 2 circles on the building wall.

The school is later expanded with a sheltered basketball court & new buildings(triangular roofs). Hence the field has shrunk a huge chunk.

Not Progress to Me
Is sad to see the field i often play in during my primary school days gone. Instead of open fields left alone, we're seeing more & more concrete jungle.

Spam, spam & spam condos.
Spam, spam & spam shopping malls.
Can put many toilet bowls there to collect $$$?
Toilet paper sales must go up to increase gdp.

You call that progress?

The loss of open spaces has made 'green' persons like myself loathe the hybrid regime even more.

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