Thursday, April 24, 2014

Singapore Workers Happiness Still Very Poor in Gallup's 2013 Survey

I'm skeptical when news of such happiness surveys are made by local agencies. The hybrid regime likes to boast about GDP growth but when it comes to happiness compared to the rest of the world, it is hugely embarassing. Hence i suspect it is an attempt to make the dismal results look better.

Gallup has rated the sinkie workforce as very pathetic in terms of engagement. A huge chunk of the workforce are disengaged aka bochup which i've blogged in the past:

How does this tiny island fare in the latest survey by Gallup? Well, there's improvement which i'm bewildered because of the increased road tolls & fares, overpopulation=more congestion leading to punishing commutes, rising crime, bus driver strikes, Little India riots etc.

I will compare SG with countries in other regions. Gallup's lengthy full report is at State of Global Workplace Report 2013.

The hybtid regime pay themselves the highest salaries in the world. Hence it is reasonable to compare to other first world countries whose's govt deliver better results for less $$$. Afterall, we don't expect economy class service when paying more for business class seat.

Comparison with North America

Comparison with Western Europe
Although ranked at the bottom at 9% with France & Netherlands, SG's results are even worse when taking the long working hours into consideration.

Comparison with Other East Asian Tigers
I rate SG as better than Taiwan due to its 32% actively disengaged. Why? A doctor who is actively disengaged aka bocup is more dangerous than a doctor who is not engaged/bochup when operating on a patient.

Supporters of the hybrid regime likes to say be grateful we are not as bad as a 3rd world country in justifying the congested/crumbling public infrastructure, Unfortunately, this logic of theirs doesn't hold any water in worker happiness compared to nations whose workers earn much less.

Comparison with Central & South America
We have top honor for disengagement aka bochup at 91%.

Comparison with Neighboring Countries
I'm doubtful of 9% which is an improvement as the survey may have included the foreign workers on permanent residency(PR) status. These workers on PR of course would be more engaged when they are earning S$ & then go back to their home countries. Their eventual magnified purchasing power makes them more engaged compared to sinkies.

What magnified purchasing power do sinkies look forward to at home in an economy dominated by monopolistic govt-linked companies?

Besides the survey on workplace happiness, Gallup has their own definition of quality GDP growth which is totally different to the hybrid regime's grow GDP at all costs like cancer approach. Using Gallup's definition, SG fails miserable again - Grossest Domestic Product - GDP Building Instead of Nation Building.

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