Thursday, December 9, 2010


Army comedy drama series that is a smash hit in taiwan. I very much look forward to it every week! It focus on basic military training in taiwan that brings back memories. Conditions have improved a lot that i wonder if is better than the recruits in S'pore. I saw breaks for recruits going to mini-marts, vending machine in their barracks.

Have not seen any wholly made local productions this decade & having seen 新兵日记 i agree with the chorus of lament that local tv dramas have deteriorated much. Some even label Mediacorp as Mediacorpse.

Scriptwriting is superb though the female senior seargeant is added in to spice things up.
My favorite character is Ye Datong. Real joker & what's unique about him is he is short (1.62m). A liability that's turned into a massive asset for the character he portray in the drama! There's no lack of taller actors & better looking but someone like him who is both short & comedic is rare!
As i watch more & more, the more i'm attracted to the idea of a cycling exploration trip in taiwan.

Catch the series. You'll love it too!

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