Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More People Digging their Graves with their Teeth -Unhealthy Food

There's an article in paper today on few healthy food choices in S'pore. Main points are:

  • More people eating out due to long working hours
  • >50% of those surveyed eat out 8+/wk
  • Increased obesity

Of course is not reported how it contributes to high gdp growth- The grow like cancer also good as long as is growth mentality that is entrenched in present govt.

  • Spend $ eat outside food with high salt & sugar-gdp up
  • Little-no time exercise, fall sick see Dr-gdp up
  • Buy medicines-gdp up

Gdp up up up.

Govt like to boast through the media about gdp growth & many are brainwashed into swallowing this flawed gdp growth indicator crap.

What kind of growth is that when population is becoming more obese, less time with family due to long work hours, increased intake of unhealthy outside food?

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