Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mall at Bukit Indah, Johor - Refreshing feel

I loathe the locusts swarms of crowds in local shopping malls. Is especially crowded on weekends. Is a refreshing experience at the mall at Bukit Indah, Johor on a weekday. Causeway Link bus from Jurong East Interchange cost $4 & journey is around 1 hour to 70mins inclusive of Tuas customs clearance. Malaysian bus driver sure drive fast cause he's always on middle lane, sure knows how to brake without any jerks to passengers.

Causeway Link Cafe (yellow). Bus stop at other side which is the alighting point. Same place for taking bus to go back Jurong terminal at RM5.

Exterior of mall at Bukit Indah from the front.

A&W restaurant. Is extinct in S'pore. There used to be 1 in Clementi where i live. Ever since its 'extinction' in S'pore, A&W restaurant has become a star attraction for the mall for S'poreans.

I love the environment. Hardly any people on a weekday at around 11am. Totally unlike the crowded aisles common in S'pore malls.

Not many pushcarts along the walkways in bid by mall to max out rentals. Is more spacious.

Newly opened Mac opposite the mall. I'm not a fan of fast food. Consume the junk food sparingly or not at all. Anyway there's A&W so why bother with Mac? Notice the Tesco (blue) behind. Groceries there are generally cheaper than Jusco. The place there is bit older & rundown but hey we get cheaper prices.

Area still under development in front beside the Mac. I'm amazed that Causeway Link started the bus service to this undeveloped area. Approach is opposite to the profit sucking public transport companies in S'pore which is to wait till sufficent development & passengers to justify starting the service. Msian side has foresight to jump in knowing the area will flourish in future. S'pore style(govt scholars) is wait till future is clear then jump in start service.

Daiso outlet in the mall. RM5 per item.

Besides the Jusco in the mall & Tesco nearby, there's also Giant which is nearby as well. 3 hypermarts in the vicinity. Whoa i wonder if is overkill. Giant outlet is very quiet when i went there.

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