Monday, December 6, 2010

Uplifting Songs from a Taiwanese Army Comedy Drama Series

Particularly like these 2 songs which are featured in a taiwanese army comedy drama series. I have listened to it > 100 times & still like it. Is uplifiting.

Read a comment that the singer used to sing in a pub before he got his break. I've never heard of him too & boy these 2 songs of his are awesome!

Everyone has their unique talents to share with others. Situation in S'pore which overly stresses on academic results crippled many people by destroying their self-esteem at a young age through streaming exams. Jay Chou's results couldn't make it to university & in S'pore environment he's considered a condemned case.

Many 'Jay Chou' like individuals whether in singing, craftmanship, sports etc are crushed at a young age which is why there's a dearth of such individuals sharing their unique talents in S'pore.

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