Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Die Die Must Succeed - Soviets Defending Stalingrad

Battle of Stalingrad during WWII was among the most brutal battles as both sides fought tenaciously. What's noteworthy is that the soviets were hanging on to their city by their fingernails when they control just 10% of it.

In life we often are disadvantaged in certain situations & is human nature to complain. Given the set of 'cards' we're dealt with in life, is often how we play with what's given to us that propel us forward. Against the superior german combined-arms tactics, the soviets adopted the tactic of 'hugging' the enemy. By 'hugging' the enemy as close as possible, the germans would risk killing their own by their artillery or close air-support.

Some complain that the scenarios in Memoir44 (a WWII boardgame) is lopsided in favor of 1 side. Publisher recommended switching sides to see which player has a better score after playing both sides. Is one of the few boardgames where 'unbalanced' is featured. While we clamor for fair play in life, sometimes we don't get such fair circumstances in life.

How the soviets deal with their dismayed situation & turn it around is a good inspiration. Don't you think so?

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