Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting Educated Financially Pays Better

” You’ve reached the maximum you can do at your age in that position, you move sideways & you take less pay & you move gradually to less & less pay because you are moving slower & slower, especially if you are doing physical work.” -MM Lee Kuan Yew
Above quote just reaffirms i'm on the right path by taking the investment route instead of the chasing paper cert route that the masses chose. With both $ & time limited at the forkroad, i chose the investment route.
  • No age discrimination
  • No gender discrimination
  • No race discrimination
  • Can pass my investment skills to younger generation. (Can't pass the job!)
  • No maximum limit
  • Applicable in other countries

Peer pressure encountered when people around you are upgrading their paper certs for more $ & job security while i self study personal finance & investment. Is hard to explain to them & often times i don't bother explaining.

The way i see it is the chase paper route still doesn't solve the issue ultimately since the person might be laid-off due to age, obsolete, aged reflexes etc. Furthermore in recent years with the influx of foreign workers who work cheaper, many got a rude shock that their paper certs aren't helping much at all.

Have you got started on educating yourself in personal finance & investment (starting on former 1st)?

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