Saturday, March 12, 2011

Can't Slow Down- Bomb in Bus will Explode Analogy

Rode back from jurong library returning stuff at around 10pm. Ridiculous to see construction crane working at jurong entertainment mall. Over at jurong hospital they are still digging holes for the upcoming hospital. Although i'm aware of the good perspective of faster completion time so as to operate for masses to use. I just can't help as though the treadmill cannot slow like in movie Speed- If slow down the bomb in bus will explode & kill everyone onboard.

Pace of life in S'pore...... Govt's inexorable obsession with growing gdp at all costs(minister's pay packets are linked to it).

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  1. Hi, i chanced upon your bicycle post and read that you bought the helios F100 for some leisure cycling? may i know which rodalink outlet you bought it from? i went to rodalink @ tradehub 21 and couldnt find the f100 there..

    thanks in advance!

    Benjamin (chanqiyu[at]