Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Old Bike (Less Susceptible to Thieves)

My old bike which i still commute around with little fear of being stolen. Rusty & worn in so many areas. Pictures will do the talking:

Bought it from a neighourhood shop(closed down already) during my teenage years for around $300+. I know nothing about bike sizing then. Surprisingly though this old bike fit me pretty well. $300+ budget nowdays can get a better components bike. I consider my $427.50 Polygon Helios F100 to be a good deal for its components(dare not commute much since afraid stolen).

Components on the old bike that is worn out & replaced are:

  1. saddle

  2. rear sprockets

  3. both tires (worn out)

  4. tube replacements (punctures)

  5. gear cable broken 2-3 times from countless gear lever shifting

  6. Bottom bracket bearings (bearings worn out; can hear friction noises)

Over the years this old commuter bike has added at least $2500 to my bank account from bus/train fares. Worthy investment indeed on road to financial independence. Comes along with time savings & exercise factors as well. Fun too with exploratory rides.

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