Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not Giving Up Despite Overwhelming Odds

Death of the Japanese Navy. Is a section on the Dogfights documentary which i've watched at least 12 times. Why? It inspires me of how the action of a woefully ill-equiped US destroyer escort inspired other ships & men to defend the US landing force at Leyte gulf, Philippines from a mighty japanese fleet led by the legendary Yamato.

Did the captain of that destroyer escort say to himself 1) the battle is a sure loss? 2) how to defend with only a few destroyers+escorts & carrier escorts? 3) Follow the others & run? No he didn't have such defeatist attitude. Other ships & men got morale boost & charge the japanese & pulling off a miraculous victory.

Who says the action started by 1 man is not enough to change the tide of battle?

1st part of 5:

Death of Japanese Navy Part 2
Death of Japanese Navy Part 3
Death of Japanese Navy Part 4
Death of Japanese Navy Part 5

Sadly the body of that courageous captain who led the charge was never found.

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