Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not Getting Discouraged during Trying Times

A friend mentioned about trying times(financially) & is feeling stressful due to debts & not much improvement in life. I consoled him with a few perspectives on the no improvement part. Often times we put in effort after effort & it seems like nothing is coming out of it. Discouragement usually follows.

It may not be the case. Consider these:
  • 20+ years have passed before the struggling Liu Bei established a foothold during the 3 kingdoms era.
  • A building spend most of the time laying its ground foundation after which the floors rise up fast.
  • Boiling water. Heat & heat like no effect till reach boiling boil then turn from liquid to gaseous state.
  • Lift upgrading. Same with building foundation. Digging hole rather long time yet the lift shafts are stacked in 1 day by a crane.

Slowly bit by bit it accumulates. Not seeing any visible effects doesn't mean is not working at times. The boiling water analogy is a good one- trigger point not reached yet.

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