Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toilet Roll Savings Message

Came across this environmentally friendly message in a toilet at JB Jusco Tebrau - Save Our Earth. Please Pull Less Tissue.

More places will be banning plastic bags in JB starting 1st June (currently Sat is no plastic bag day). 20sen will be charged if a plastic bag is needed. Sadly in profit crazed S'pore the plastic bag addiction is strong & no businesses want to take the lead other than Ikea which have no major competitors.

From retail, the green message is creeping into toilets in our neighouboring country. Even their aircon is set at an environmentally friendly setting unlike S'pore where some places are still blasting excess cold air

Do we have to consume, consume, consume in a mad bid to boost consumption which is a major driver of gdp growth? Present govt's gdp obession is nuts.

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